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Wix Review

Wix Review

Easy to use

Our Wix Review has one question; can six million people be wrong?  Wix is an online website creation service that differs from most other such services in that it helps users build primarily Flash-based sites. To this point over six million people have created sites through Wix, so it’s clearly captured designers’ attention. We here at website creator free have put together this Wix review in order to give you a better idea of how Wix compares to other website creation utilities.

Wix Review

Since our Wix review was web-based, there are no compatibility worries, unless your designing on your iPad or iPhone.  The basic Wix service is free, but there are also four premium monthly subscription plans available which add some extra muscle. These range from the $4.95/month My Domain plan, to the $19.90/month eCommerce plan. All of the premium plans add the ability to use your own domain name, provide varying amounts of extra storage and bandwidth (starting at 500 MB of each with the My Domain plan), include Google Analytics service, and give you access to Wix’s “premium” support. The Wix tutorial videos are available to everyone.  During our Wix Review, we stuck with the free version.

Now you know what it will (or won’t) cost you; on to the meat of our Wix review.

Wix Review | Templates

Wix currently boasts 306 templates, all but a few of which are free – the non-free ones are available with the eCommerce package and, not surprisingly, tend to be templates that are suitable for online storefront design. The templates all decent with a slight tasted of dated to them. We’re not sure if it’s the fact they are flash based, or the design, but they don’t offer the WOW factor we’ve come to expect.

Professional designs from Wix are also available, and yes, they look better than the free.

Free Website

Like some of the other new web-based design solutions, Wix uses a mostly widget-based approach to customization. You can pick a template and drag-and-drop a few widgets onto it, or just start with a blank page and go widget wild. The Wix review crew felt that most of the widgets available were most appropriate for artsy types, as there were a preponderance of cool-looking flyer-type widgets that were lots of fun to write silly band names in.

Wix Review | Features 

If you’re looking for extra features of a visually appealing nature, then Wix has got you covered. We won’t lie – a good chunk of the time we spent doing our Wix review was dedicated to playing around with the Wix Editor, which allows you to add every kind of decoration you can imagine to your site, from clipart, to photos, to animations. YouTube embedding is also very easy here.

The problem is that Wix’s beauty really is only skin deep. It has very little in the way of features that actually, you know, do things. It’s true that the paid subscriptions include Google Analytics, but they still fall way short of what’s offered by most other website creators when it comes to tracking stats, creating forms, selling products, and so on.

Wix Review | Easy to use

Wix is by and large a drag-and-drop affair. Making your site look cool couldn’t be easier, and a quick look at a few of the Wix tutorial videos should send you on your way to taking full advantage of Wix’s capabilities.  As long as Wix offers the features you need, you’ll be happy.  If you need something beyond what Wix offers, you’re paddling upcreek.

The only issue here is that things tend to get cluttered – not just your website itself, but the Wix interface – once you’ve got a few things going on your page.

Wix Review | Help/support


The good news is that the Wix tutorial videos are really nice and provide you with most of what you’ll need to know. The bad news is that there’s not much else available in the way of online help for Wix. The really bad news is that Wix’s support is notoriously awful. While the Wix review crew here at website creator free didn’t really run into any problems in the process of slapping together a few very pretty web pages, we can’t ignore the volume of complaints we’ve heard from disgruntled customers who have tried to deal with Wix.  If support is a huge issue, there are other solutions you should consider.

Wix Review | Overall

Let’s cut to the chase; Wix offers dated, if not extint flash based sites.  While we cannot jump in joy anymore with the firm take over of HTML5, we still do like Wix for personal sites and to just play around with the designs. Although fun, we just simply can’t get over the poor animation of some of the templates and the fact they do not offer anything besides flash based sites at this time.  For now, there is no denying how vastly superior Weebly feels compared to Wix.  We hope Wix updates there service soon and comes back strong.


  1. Im thankful for the write-up post.Truly thank you! A lot obliged.

  2. Thanks for the review! I’ve make a couple personal websites using Wix and can say without a doubt, its the best there is!! The templates are awesome and easy to edit.


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